Gibson Derby Dark Brown

Gibson Derby Dark Brown

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Materials: Dark brown box calf

Sole: E&G Purple Goodyear leather sole

Comfort Level: 10 out of 10


Full Description


Style with every step. There is no elegant look that is not perfectly complemented by the right pair of shoes. The Gibson sits perfectly in the Eves&Gray wardrobe and are comfortable, high-performance and stylish. Step by step and season by season quality and tradition are entering every man’s contemporary life with creativity and composure.

Derbies are a style of shoe or boot with defined quarters and an open-lace design. An open-lace design has exposed eyelets on top of the vamp, the part of the quarters that sits on top of the tongue.

An open-lace design also means the bottom of the vamp is free to pull away from the shoe’s tongue since they’re not sewn together.

Men’s Derby shoes are suitable for any type of feet, although men with wide feet often prefer Derbies because of their open-lace design. Open-lace shoes are less restrictive than other sorts of shoes.

The Derby shoe has gone by various names in its history. They are sometimes known as the Gibson or the Blucher, and the name varies depending on where you live.


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