Autumn-Winter Fashion Radar: What’s Trending Hot this Season?

Putting together a wardrobe for autumn and winter is an utterly delightful endeavour, because there are so many fabrics and textures to play with. You can play up your streetwear charm with finely carved leather boots and dapper brogue shoes. Outwear staples offer undeniable charisma with their masculine energy and dark colour palettes. When you […]

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The Story Behind E&G Gentlemen Watches

Producing high-quality leather shoes for gentlemen is our main focus at Eves & Gray, however, we are also proud to offer a small range of accessories to perfectly complement any outfit. Our range of gentlemen’s watches was indeed introduced to offer our customers some exclusive dress watch options for a truly classic look. Tough enough […]

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Classic Leather Shoes Every Gentleman Should Own

Any gentleman knows that shoes play a huge role in any outfit, so it is crucial that you put some efforts into choosing the right style. Here at Eves & Gray, we are committed to crafting classic leather shoes, such as Brogues and Oxfords, yet we are always keeping an eye on the future. Enjoy […]

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A Summer Guide to Smart Shoes and Casual Clothes

When we think about Summer clothes, we very rarely think about tailored suits and classy ensembles. It is certainly hard to look sophisticated on warmer days, as most of us decide to put comfort before anything else. But what happens if a gentleman is required to attend a more formal event on a sunny Summer […]

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EVER:J Clothing – Modern Men’s Outerwear for The Spring

***SPECIAL OFFER: AT THE TIME OF WRITING, ALL EVER:J JACKETS ARE REDUCED TO £59.99. FREE UK P&P.*** With the weather slowly getting warmer, it is no surprise that we all start feeling the need to reflect this season change onto our wardrobes as well. It is finally time to put away raincoats and thick Winter […]

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Smart Shoes: Multifaceted Footwear For Every Occasion

Choosing the right shoes for an outfit is a matter of understanding where you will be wearing them and why. As trends come and go, gentlemen are turning to smart shoes as an everyday choice – whether they are attending a company meeting or simply going out with some friends. At Eves & Gray, we […]

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The Art of Polishing Leather Shoes To Achieve a Classic Mirror Shine

You don’t need a special occasion to polish your shoes and you certainly don’t need any professional equipment either. Keeping your footwear looking shiny can extend its life span, leaving you with a pair of shoes that will look brand new after being worn for months or even years! The art of shoe polishing dates [...] Read More

Comfort Dilemmas: Rubber Soles vs. Leather Soles

When it comes to buying comfortable shoes that are functional and versatile, one has to make some tough choices. The toughest is choosing between leather soles and rubber soles. Rubber soles ensure sturdiness and durability. While leather soles are believed to be comfortable, it largely depends on the construction of the shoe, and the kind […]

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Banish Humdrum – Style Out The Winter With Eves & Gray Boots

When curating a dynamic winter wardrobe, men are more likely to focus on comfort and functionality over style. They want insulation and comfort, and compromise their style to stay warm and snug. Not anymore! Armed with the style savvy and charming handcrafted boots from Eves & Gray, you can now have a winter wardrobe that […]

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Gentlemen, It’s Time to Re-embrace the Brogue

When it comes to amplifying the debonair of a gentleman’s attire, few accessories and pieces can rival the charm of the classic footwear design: the Brogue. Many gentlemen discard the Brogue in a bid to elevate their wardrobe with modern choices of footwear, but there is a strong movement towards the revival of classic trends […]

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Ladies Shoes : The Legends

Eves& Gray dedicated its range of quality men’s footwear by naming them after famous aircraft, significant pioneers of aviation technology in their time. For the ladies range E&G has decided to honour the pioneering woman of aviation, from the earliest days of flying to the space age. These feisty and glamorous women had one thing […]

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The Subtle Extrovert – by Van Brauge Watches

Van Brauge Watches write on their take of the Eves & Gray brand – the concept, the appeal and the spirit including an insight into how Tim Waring, founder, chose purple as the Eves & Gray signature. Words are revealed around the launch of the Eves & Gray Ladies range including how the designs were […]

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Total Design Reviews – The ‘Caius’ Slip On

Total Design Reviews posted a positive review of one of our recently released stylish slip on – the Caius. Eves & Gray designed this slip on as bold statement and quoting Steve Huyton “…totally extravagant. They are also ridiculously comfortable to wear and really are designed to be noticed…definitely are not for the fainthearted” The full […]

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Total Design Reviews – Hellcat Tan/Purple

Total Design Reviews posted a positive review of one of our most popular Italian leather Chelsea boots – the Hellcat. “If you want something really special to wear for an important occasion I would definitely recommend a pair of boots from the Hellcat Range.” A good pair of shoes as part of a balanced life? Eves […]

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Confirmed attendance 19-21 February 2017 at MODA

MODA is the UK’s largest fashion trade exhibition. We will be displaying our Autumn/Winter collection. “Newly-launched label  Eves & Gray heralds the next chapter of its development with a return to Moda Footwear this season. The brand – which made its debut at the show in August – has carved a niche for itself with […]

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Victor over Orkney

Eves & Gray – The Inspiration

The Harvard, The Hughes and the Vanguard, all distinguished members of our collection. The hybrid ‘Broxford’ boasts the sleek formality of an Oxford together with the traditional detailing of a brogue. Then there’s the Monkstraps, Chelseas and Loafers, all carefully hand-crafted, ready and waiting for a long stroll down the King’s Road and beyond. Most […]

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