Total Design Reviews – The “Wellesley” Tartan Limited Edition Brogue

Cary Grant

Cary Grant – a name which often crops up in conversation when talking about style icons –  he could turn even the simplest of garments into a fashionable, timeless look – one could say he was a true ‘modern man’. Could you pull off pairing a cashmere v-neck sweater with tweed pants? Cary could – perhaps it’s attention in the details…perhaps it’s because he was overwhelmingly handsome.

Cary Grant favoured brogues – in many a picture he can be seen with black or brown brogues with a variety of different styles and colours of suits. Which leads us to the review at Total Design Reviews here: as Steve Huyton compares the elegance of Cary Grant with our Wellesley Tartan Limited Edition Brogue with the addition of a modern twist. We’ve combined burnished tan leather with fabric tartan panels – in the same way Cary Grant can layer a turtleneck with a sport coat and make it look ‘right’ we believe we have created a timeless, stylish combination.

Wellesley Tartan Limited Total Dsign Review

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