Autumn-Winter Fashion Radar: What’s Trending Hot this Season?

Putting together a wardrobe for autumn and winter is an utterly delightful endeavour, because there are so many fabrics and textures to play with. You can play up your streetwear charm with finely carved leather boots and dapper brogue shoes. Outwear staples offer undeniable charisma with their masculine energy and dark colour palettes.

When you are shopping for the chilly season, one has to pay strong attention to functionality, comfort and versatility. After all, each item you add to your wardrobe must be functional enough to create dozens of outfits with staples you already own. And then, there is the most crucial consideration of your own personal sense of style.

We’ve put together a delightful roundup of the season’s hottest fashion trends to inspire your style statements for the chilly season.

Take a look at our picks:

Leather Affair
Leather is classically, timelessly fashionable and the more leather adorned the merrier. A gentleman’s wardrobe must always be decked with tasteful and dapper leather stapes, ranging from black leather trench coats and exquisitely-crafted brogue shoes, to wide-leg trousers and sharply-tailored blazers.

This season, we spotted an exciting streetwear fashion trend in leather: modern-cut bomber jackets with pull cord hoods. These bomber jackets are made with soft leather fabric, and the classic appeal of bomber jackets is intensified with a modern outlook to make it more functional for the chilly season.

All-black leather outfits with slim-cut leather trousers have emerged as the hottest trend to rock this season. Biker jackets have made a bold comeback in fashion capitals across the globe, and you can also explore softer colour palettes, such as grey, brown, camel and tan.

Head-to-toe Black
All-black outfits are super-functional and versatile, as they allow you to make smooth style transitions from work to play without making stopovers for an outfit change. This season, be sure to dig black jackets and blazers from the back of the wardrobe.

Black bomber jackets have emerged as the perfect winter staple to stay cozy and warm, and exude a refined appeal with an eclectic 70s inspired touch. You can elevate your black formal wear with exquisitely-crafted and textured black brogue shoes. This season, designers seem obsessed with the bold energy of military-style lace-up suede leather boots; these are an excellent investment to elevate your contemporary streetwear and nightlife wardrobes.

Denim Reinvented
Denim has undergone a striking transformation for AW20, and we are extremely excited to rock these acid-washed and bleached-out statements. While some designers have advocated an eclectic and party-ready theme with patchwork denim coats and bleached-out jackets, others have introduced sharply-tailored denim pieces and versatile cargo pants.

This season, men can explore a delightful variety of styles and outfits in all-denim looks and outwear staples. We are absolutely transfixed on the patchwork styles, tailored denim overalls, and highly coveted hand-painted denim layers.

What’s more, laser-printed denim tuxedos have arrived with a bold aplomb to help you elevate your workwear wardrobe without the awful monotony of suits and blazers. Designers in Milan have revived vintage denim styles, such as denim bell bottoms, bleached denim jackets and the classic bootcut jeans.

Functional Athleisure
Athleisure is the biggest trend on the autumn winter fashion radar for the year, with no signs of diminishing in popularity anytime soon. This season, designers are preaching men to brim up their wardrobes with super-functional outwear staples, such as heavily insulated bomber jackets and charmingly tailored windbreaker jackets.

If you’re an outdoor junkie and passionate about exploring the wilderness in the dead of winter, the trend for Athleisure has much to offer your wardrobe. This season, the outwear theme is focused on enhanced protection and comfort. You can explore all-black colour palettes and muted tones, such as grey, or you can go all-out in bold prints and patterns, such as check, gingham and leopard.

Rain ponchos and cotton capes are also trending hard, and we were overjoyed to spot oversized denim parkas, which is a truly unusual and unique new style. Hooded bomber jackets are a definite must-have for the season, and you should explore versatile colour palettes, preferably black.

Insulated jackets and windbreakers with multiple pockets are a must-have outwear staple for the chilly season, and designers have introduced a variety of technical fabrics to offer enhanced comfort and cosiness.

While we all keep a close eye on the fashion radar to see what’s trending and what’s not, it is essential to pay close attention to your own personal sense of style. A gentleman defines his own style statements based on his comfort, his personal style and the appeal he wishes to create every time he heads out on the streets.

The Story Behind E&G Gentlemen Watches

Producing high-quality leather shoes for gentlemen is our main focus at Eves & Gray, however, we are also proud to offer a small range of accessories to perfectly complement any outfit. Our range of gentlemen’s watches was indeed introduced to offer our customers some exclusive dress watch options for a truly classic look.

Tough enough to be worn every day, and elegant enough for special occasions, our gentlemen’s watches feature luxurious sapphire crystals for an elegant finish and an efficient Swiss automatic movement for great durability. So, let’s find out what makes our Eves & Gray watches so special!

What are ‘Swiss movement’ watches?
Swiss movement refers to the intricate mechanism that keeps the watch ticking over the years. These sophisticated mechanisms are highly engineered by expert craftsmen to produce an accessory that will work perfectly for years to come.

Our Eves & Gray watches were manufactured following the highest standards of the Swiss movement manufacture, in collaboration with expert watchmaker Max Van Brauge. Pictured below is the Eves & Gray MK. VI Gentleman’s Limited Edition Wrist Watch.

The Eves & Gray Mk.V1 Gentlemans Limited Edition Wrist Watch 1

The story behind E&G watches
When coming up with a range of elegant wrist watches for men, here at Eves & Gray we decided to rely on the experience of British watchmaker Max Van Brauge.
Anchored in the mutual admiration for the best of the mid-20th Century, E&G and Van Brauge collaborated on a watchmaking project aimed to recreate the perfect 50’s watch with the best possible modern technology.

Our watch collection reflects Eves & Gray’s mission perfectly by drawing inspiration from a mannered time when style and elegance mattered, yet creating something contemporary and functional.

Perfect to be dressed up with a tailored suit or down with a smart work-ensemble, our E&G watches can make any gentleman feel effortlessly elegant!

What makes our Eves & Gray watches so special
While the expertly engineered Swiss movement makes our range of watches highly functional, it is our attention to the details that makes these watches so special. Both our MK V and MK VI watches feature a curved sapphire crystal with a circular brushed dial, a timeless design inspired by the unique elegance of 50’s watches, combined with the contemporary watchmaking excellence that goes into assembling the perfect Swiss movement.

Highly functional yet extremely classy, our gentlemen’s watches are made in England using the best ‘Everglade’ alligator leather for an elegant finish thanks to the meticulous care that goes into every detail. Pictured below is the Eves & Gray MK. V Gentleman’s Limited Edition Wrist Watch.

The Eves & Gray Mk.V Gentlemans Limited Edition Wrist Watch 1

So, whether you are looking for the perfect water-resistant Swiss movement watch or you are a lover of vintage designs, accessorising your outfit with one of our E&G watches is a bold, stylish choice that will make you stand out.

Browse our Eves & Gray range of luxurious watches for gentlemen if you want to learn more on these elegant accessories!

Classic Leather Shoes Every Gentleman Should Own

Any gentleman knows that shoes play a huge role in any outfit, so it is crucial that you put some efforts into choosing the right style.

Here at Eves & Gray, we are committed to crafting classic leather shoes, such as Brogues and Oxfords, yet we are always keeping an eye on the future. Enjoy our selection of modernised classic staples every gentleman should own!

Historically, brogue shoes were originally created as utilitarian shoes. The characteristic holes and perforations were in fact there to help drain the shoe from the water collected after stepping into swamps and puddles. But things are much different today, as brogue shoes are now considered amongst the classiest dress shoes for gentlemen. Thanks to their casual-chic features, they are a versatile addition to any wardrobe!

Opt for lighter brogues for a casual outfit or choose a darker hue, like the Balliol Burnished Brogue, for formal occasions.

Rich, medium tan burnished Italian Leather Brogue - Balliol 2

Slip on
This Scandinavian staple has quickly become a streamlined shoe design across Europe. Stylish yet easy to wear, slip on shoes are ideal for a smart-casual look, in particular during the Summer months. Perfect with a smart shirt, slip on shoes like the Caius Suede Slip On are great to add a touch of modern class to any gentleman’s wardrobe.

Opt for darker colours (like navy or brown) if you are wearing a more neutral outfit, or choose a pair of burgundy or purple slip on shoes to brighten up your look.

One of the most well-known classic shoes, the Oxford has evolved over the years from a plain leather shoe to the sophisticated shoe we know today. With their rich detailing, Oxford shoes are excellent for formal events as well as casual ones.

Chose a pair of black Oxford shoes if you will be attending a formal event or opt for a tan colour, like the Bristol Oxford, for a more casual ensemble.

Fine Tan Italian leather Oxford with burnished detailing - Bristol 3

Derby shoes are a noticeable, outstanding type of men’s classic shoes and this is because of their unique design. Conceived to be a cut of shoe, rather than a type of shoe, they are used as the framework to craft other types of shoes, the most famous being the Budapester.

Derby shoes are best known for their characteristic “open lacing” feature, which would make any outfit stand out.

Known for being a celebrity favourite, the Chelsea is suitable for a range of diverse events and occasions. Their slick silhouette and comfortable fit helped the Chelsea boots become mainstream across the world. Gentlemen everywhere have been seduced by the modern simplicity of these classic shoes.

Perfect to go with a casual-chic outfit or with a smart ensemble, Chelsea boots like the Atlas Suede in Charcoal Grey are as versatile as it gets when it comes to men’s classic shoes!

Italian Suede Leather Charcoaol Chelsea Boot - Atlas 1

EVER:J Clothing – Modern Men’s Outerwear for The Spring


With the weather slowly getting warmer, it is no surprise that we all start feeling the need to reflect this season change onto our wardrobes as well. It is finally time to put away raincoats and thick Winter jackets, making some space for Spring outerwear.
Although this change of clothing is necessary, one should never underestimate the unpredictability of April and May weather. If one day you feel like it’s time to get your Summer clothes out, the next day you might need to seek shelter in a shop while waiting for the rain to stop.

To help you in the endless search for the perfect Spring outerwear for men, we have put together our top picks from the EVER:J Clothing collection of jackets.
Lightweight and comfortable to wear, EVER:J Clothing offers a range of men’s outerwear for all needs and situations. From windbreaker long jackets ideal for an overcast day, to comfortable hooded jackets to help you stay active even on rainy days, rest assured that you will find the perfect Spring outerwear at EVER:J!

Egvoyager Hooded Jacket for those rainy days
Perfect with a pair of plain trousers or some casual jeans, the Egvoyager Hooded Jacket is what you need to keep you warm and dry on rainy days.
Made from lightweight, soft contrasting fabrics, this jacket is ideal if you have an active lifestyle or simply if you want to feel comfortable while looking your best! Thanks to the drawstring storm hood, the Egvoyager Hooded Jacket can take you from a sunny day to a rainy one in no time at all.

Egvoyager 1

Hadley Short Jacket to keep the wind away
Made from a highly breathable fabric, the Hadley Short Jacket is the perfect outerwear garment to keep you warm on a windy day without having to compromise on style. Thanks to the multiple pockets and funnel neck, this is the perfect men’s outerwear jacket for the Spring, whether you are running errands or commuting to work!

Hadley 1

Sabre Dual Fabric Jacket for a modern Spring look
Contrasting materials, slash side pockets and a stand up collar are only a few of the modern features of the Sabre Dual Fabric Jacket. Ideal for a casual Spring look, this long jacket will make any gentleman stand out.
Thanks to the modern contrasting fabrics used in its design, the Sabre jacket has a very unique, stylish look that will work very well with a pair of dark jeans or plain trousers. The medium weight wool material used in its production makes this thigh-length jacket perfect even on a chilly day!

Sabre 1

Spring is an unpredictable season and, as the weather changes, you want to make sure to have the right outerwear in your wardrobe.
Whether you’re looking for a breathable jacket to wear to work without having to sacrifice your comfort, or you would prefer a more casual one for a morning jog, browse our full range of EVER:J Clothing to find the perfect men’s outerwear for the Spring!


Wedding Shoes For Every Setting: From a Traditional Ceremony to a Countryside Celebration

Historically, everyone has seen the bride as the centre of attention of a traditional wedding, but it is just as important that grooms and their groomsmen feel special on such a big day too!
From the wedding location to the time of the year, there are a few things one should consider when choosing the right pair of shoes. To help you navigate through the myriad of elegant (and not-so-elegant) shoes out there, we have put together a small guide to gentlemen’s wedding shoes.

A classic pair of shoes for a traditional wedding
We start our list from a traditional wedding; the timeless style of a pair of the Falcon Dark Brown Oxford shoes is incomparable to any other design and, thanks to their versatility, you will be able to dress them up or down, depending on the occasion.
The time of single-use wedding accessories is now behind us; as brides move towards a more sustainable choice of garments and accessories, so do grooms. The Falcon Dark Brown Oxford shoes will make you stand out on your wedding day but they will also be a great option for an office look on a casual business day!

Dark Brown Italian Leather Oxford - Falcon 3

A slip-on for a relaxed day
Not everyone dreams of the big traditional wedding, so it is only fair that we offer ‘unconventional’ grooms a more relaxed alternative. If the wedding will take place in the countryside, for instance, then a pair of Bancroft Tan Slip-On will do the trick perfectly. Ideal for a sunny day on the grass, these shoes will add a touch of funky style to any outfit, as long as it isn’t a tuxedo! If the outfit is a less traditional one, such as a linen suit to perfectly match Boohoo Wedding settings, then showing your ankle with a pair of slip-on shoes is a winning move, one which will make your special day even more memorable!

Bancroft Tan 2

A bold shoe to stand out
If you’re looking for the wow-factor or perhaps are planning a wedding ‘outside the box’, then you should opt for something bold like a pair of Batwing Monkstrap shoes.
A stylish option that will work well with a tan tailored suit, Monkstrap shoes are often used to make a statement; not many opt for a pair of bold-buckled strap shoes for their wedding day! Ideal to transition from an elegant ceremony look to a more relaxed party outfit, Monkstrap shoes will make any gentleman feel stylish on their wedding day.

Tan leather monkstrap with burnished toecap - Batwing 3

So, whether you decide to stick to traditional wedding protocol and go for a pair of classic Oxford shoes or you give in to the temptation of wearing a pair of slip-on shoes for a relaxed countryside ceremony, there is just one last thing you should keep in mind when choosing the right pair of wedding shoes: comfort!

Finding The Perfect Ensemble For Any Occasion: A Practical Guide To Wearing Boots

When we think about practicality and comfort, it is almost impossible not to mention boots. Perfect for a casual day out or a more professional look, they come in all shapes and styles and are great to keep your feet comfortable while looking your best! This valuable wardrobe addition is loved by everyone; they come in handy to both ladies and gentlemen, making their life easier when deciding what to wear.

At Eves & Gray, we offer a great variety of boots – from the most formal ones to the most casual – so, to help you find the perfect ensemble for any occasion, we have put together a practical mini-guide to wearing boots.

Casual times with the Maxamillion

These staple boots are finely handmade using a mixture of fine leather and suede. Inspired by WW2 flying boots, they are faux fur lined, making them ideal for Winter wear. Lace-up boots are perfect for a casual look, however, thanks to the quality of the materials used and the sleek design, the Maxamillion can be a versatile addition to any gentleman’s wardrobe.

Maxamillion Dark Tan 2

Comfort and Class thanks to the Bison

If comfort is what you’re looking for, then you won’t be able to find anything better than the Bison dark tan leather boots. The lace-up design makes it easier to slip them on, but don’t forget to use a shoe horn if you want to avoid damaging the leather and its shape. The padded ankles offer great support and the insoles will guarantee breathability while keeping your feet snug and comfortable!

Stand out with the unique Lerwick

Wearing boots is very often a practical choice – they are undeniably amongst the most comfortable shoes out there. However, you may also opt for a pair of boots that will make your ensemble stand out! The Lerwick boots feature matching tweed panels that resemble the design of a classic pair of Oxford shoes and, thanks to the mixture of shades used, they are the perfect boots for an Autumn/Winter wardrobe.

A jump in the past with the Tomcat

The unique monk-strap design of these boots makes them a great variation of an otherwise very classic pair of shoes. These boots were made to stand out, from the choice of materials – they are handmade from a burnished dark tan leather with a soft purple calfskin lining – to the choice of design. The Tomcat boots will take you for a jump in the past, so embrace the style and wear them with your favourite pair of black jeans or tailored trousers – they’re versatile like that!

Burnished dark Tan Leather Boot - Lockheed 2

One last modern look with the Berkeley

Lastly, but not for importance, we have decided to show you something a bit different. The Berkeley boots are the modern alternative to the classic leather lace-up boots. While the main details are made from burnished tan Italian leather, the real star of the design is the grey fabric used for panelling.
Thanks to the contrasting materials, at Eves &Gray we have revisited an old boot with a new approach to create the Berkeley. The padded soles allow the boots to breathe while making sure your feet stay snug and warm – what more could one ask for?

Burnished Tan Italian leather with Grey Fabric Panels Berkeley 3

Smart Shoes: Multifaceted Footwear For Every Occasion

Choosing the right shoes for an outfit is a matter of understanding where you will be wearing them and why.
As trends come and go, gentlemen are turning to smart shoes as an everyday choice – whether they are attending a company meeting or simply going out with some friends. At Eves & Gray, we have chosen a few of our best selling smart shoes to give you some outfit ideas, both casual and smart!

A regular day at work: co-ordinate your shoes to your blazer

When choosing a work outfit, a gentleman should always keep in consideration the type of environment they work in; there is nothing worse than being overdressed so, generally speaking, it is best to go for a casual-smart outfit.
The Atlas Suede Leather Chelsea Boots in charcoal are perfect. Chelsea boots are smart yet very casual; if you choose a charcoal hue, match them to a pair of light grey or black jeans. Complete your outfit with a button-up shirt or a plain knitted jumper and a classic blazer, possibly in charcoal to co-ordinate with the shoes!

Italian Suede Leather Charcoal Chelsea Boot - Atlas 1

A formal event: step up with your smart brogues

Smart shoes come with great advantage compared to other types of shoes; you can dress them up or down, depending on the occasion.
When it comes to brogues, in particular, they are the type of eclectic footwear that you can use on a huge variety of occasions, whether you’re heading out for a casual dinner with your partner or you want to look your best at a formal event. If you choose to go for a smart look, for instance, then our Dehavilland Special Edition Brogue is the shoe for you. For a casual-chic look, these tan brogues are perfect with a pair of light chinos and a co-ordinated button-up shirt. If, however, you’re looking for something more classic, nothing comes close to a tailored suit. Choose a plain shirt and co-ordinate it to a tweed suit in taupe or light brown to complement your shoes to perfection!

Burnished Mahgogany Italian Leather Goodyear Welted Brogue - Dehavilland 3

A night out: casual slip-on shoes

If you’re off to a night out then you will want to wear something comfortable without compromising on style. Our Bancroft Black Slip On are the perfect smart shoes for a casual outfit. Equally as great with a pair of denim white jeans or some plain grey trousers, these shoes will add a touch of elegance to any outfit.
Made from high-quality Italian leather woven in a basket weave design, these slip on shoes are just as unique as they are trendy. Complete your outfit with a collarless shirt or, if you’re looking for something more casual, with a co-ordinated turtle neck sweater and you’re ready to head out!

These are just a few outfit ideas to dress up or down your smart shoes! Remember that, when it comes to choosing what to wear, finding the right pair of shoes is just as important as choosing the perfect aftershave. It’s all in the details!

The Art of Polishing Leather Shoes To Achieve a Classic Mirror Shine

You don’t need a special occasion to polish your shoes and you certainly don’t need any professional equipment either.

Keeping your footwear looking shiny can extend its life span, leaving you with a pair of shoes that will look brand new after being worn for months or even years!

The art of shoe polishing dates back to the 19th century when the first wax polish was created. Back then leather shoes and, consequently, shoe polishers were a luxury only a small chunk of the population could afford.
Things have changed today, as more people than ever are investing in quality footwear – whether these are some classic brogues or a pair of casual boots – but one thing we shouldn’t forget is the aftercare.

At Eves & Gray we offer high-quality polishing and cleaning products to help you take good care of your new leather shoes. So, let’s find out how you can polish your shoes like a professional to achieve a classic mirror shine!

To last longer, leather shoes need to be regularly cleaned to prevent them from looking aged and damaged. The Chamoisine Cleaning Cloth is made from 100% pure brushed cotton, ideal for a delicate yet thorough application of polishing and buffing creams. The trick to a professional application of the product is consistency; you don’t need a lot of product, all you need is to spend a few minutes making sure you are evenly spreading it over the shoes.

Saphir Cleaning Cloth

Once your leather shoes are clean, you can apply your shoe polish. Most people opt for a classic mirror shine, a staple once only achieved by experienced polishers that can be now become part of your shoe-polishing routine at home.

Let’s take the classic Falcon Dark Brown Oxford Shoes, for example! You will need to use a leather wax that matches the colour – the Saphir’s Creme Surfine Protective Leather Wax in dark brown is perfect for the job.

Thanks to its solvent-based formulation, it offers excellent cleaning properties as well as effective protection and unrivalled shine. Using a Saphir cloth like the Chamoisine we mentioned above, start applying a small amount of cream and spread it over the shoe.

Pay particular attention to areas that might show wear damage and consider applying to leather dye to cover scratches or small tears in the leather.

Creme Surfine Pommadier Protective Leather Wax – Dark Brown

And that’s how you achieve a classic shoe polish with a mirror shine!
So, here is one last tip for all the gentlemen who want to make the most out of their leather shoes: make sure you rotate them. Despite it being a very resistant material, leather can age very quickly if you don’t look after it properly. Rotating your shoes will allow you to take time and attention for cleaning and polishing, giving your shoes a chance to dry before you wear them again.

Look after your leather shoes and they will last for years to come!

For further aftercare details, see our aftercare page here


A Modest Ode to The Shoe Horn: a Functional Accessory To Protect Your Shoes

Cobra Headed Metal Shoehorn 3
Taking good care of your leather shoes doesn’t stop at polishing or cleaning them. If you want to preserve the shape of your footwear, there are some extra measures you might want to consider taking.

Shoe horns (or shoespooners) are the tool every gentleman should use to take good care of their shoes; they prevent the collar of the shoe from getting frayed or eroded, maintaining the shape and appearance intact.

Leather products change their shape with pressure and, indubitably, forcing your foot in a laced-up shoe will apply a great amount of force, which will eventually damage the product. This is when the shoe horn comes in; its simplicity hides several functionalities that will help you prevent this from happening while also saving you some precious time.

Cobra Headed Metal Shoehorn 1

At Eves & Gray, we take pride in crafting high-quality leather footwear and we are just as committed to making sure that your shoes are well-looked after. Our range of accessories that offer functionalities and comfort has just expanded as we have added a new, luxurious product to the line: the Luxury King Cobra Metal Shoehorn.

While, traditionally-made shoe horns come from real animal horns, hooves or glass, we have opted for a more deluxe, durable material for the Luxury King Cobra: a chromium plate on brass.

Cobra Headed Metal Shoehorn 4

Specially commissioned for Eves & Gray, we have taken a simple yet useful accessory and added a touch of uniqueness to it. Perfect for gentlemen with a taste for majestic accessories, this shoe horn is presented in a snakeskin-printed box with a drawstring bag.

Leather shoes, like brogues and boots, are renowned for their sophisticated, modern flair and this is mainly due to the great quality of leather used in the crafting process as well as the extreme care that goes into their creation. Neglecting to use a shoe horn will eventually mould leather shoes – in particular brogues and boots – in the wrong way, slowly eroding the structure of the heel.

Besides their use to keep leather shoes looking fresh, shoe horns also have a time-saving value behind them. A wise man will know how valuable their time is and he will certainly appreciate that using a shoehorn regularly will remove the hassle of having to loosen the laces all the way up when putting their shoes on.

They might not typically be the most exciting accessories on the market, but shoe horns offer functionality and comfort that is not to be underestimated. The new Luxury King Cobra Metal Shoehorn combines style with utility: the functionalities of the accessory are preserved and the luxury of our brand is incorporated in its design in a sumptuous, unique way.

If you want to take good care of your favourite pair of brogues, next time you slip them on try to use and shoe horn and you will notice that no crease will appear in the leather, nor the collar of the shoe will be pushed down when slipping your foot in.

Comfort Dilemmas: Rubber Soles vs. Leather Soles

When it comes to buying comfortable shoes that are functional and versatile, one has to make some tough choices. The toughest is choosing between leather soles and rubber soles. Rubber soles ensure sturdiness and durability. While leather soles are believed to be comfortable, it largely depends on the construction of the shoe, and the kind of leather it is made with.

Eves & Gray are commonly asked why we use mainly rubber soles over leather, and some comment that they only consider leather soled shoes as ‘high end’. Let us address this for you.

At Eves & Gray, we offer gentlemen a wide variety of soles, including leather Goodyear welted soles, toughened rubberised soles and soles with cushiony interiors. A rubberised sole is much more functional in the harsh and wet UK climate. It offers a non-slip grip, an extremely vital feature for ensuring comfort as you walk through the streets.

Generally, a combination of both leather and rubber offers the ultimate comfort and no-slip grip. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of leather and rubber soles.


The Comfort Factor

Leather is often regarded as a hardened material, inappropriate for the cushiony and comfortable support required by soles. However, leather soles boost a superior ability to mold and shape up the natural contours of the feet. When combined with cork, leather soles tend to be more comfortable and softer for the feet.

However, when shopping for leather shoes, people often disregard the entire material and construction of the shoe. While leather shoes are attractive, one can argue the soles require a more comfortable and sturdy material, like rubber.

Leather soles can often be overly thin, rigid and devoid of appropriate shoe constructions. Blake stitched leather soles often don’t offer the longevity of other constructions and can be an uncomfortable experience, especially when crafted without cork. However, Goodyear welted double leather soles provide a lasting comfort and an appropriate arch support that provides a delightful cushioning to the feet.

Hand-welted rubberised soles, when meticulously crafted, allow superior shock absorption, greater flexibility and grip. Feet glide on the pavement or road, which is why it is highly recommended for those who walk a lot through the day. Contemplate situations like a wedding where considerable time is spent greeting, standing for photos and perhaps a dance if all goes to plan – you need a decent amount of comfort for this, too.

Rubberised soles often get a bad name for no reason. They offer superior durability and a long lasting utility, while leather soles tend to deteriorate much quicker, particularly in an often wet (and undeniably variable) climate, such as the UK’s. People often chose leather over rubber for the comfort factor, but this can be a tough choice as either can be uncomfortable, based on the construction of the pair.

This is why we have opted for rubber soles for the majority of our shoes and boots, while also offering Goodyear Welted leather soles as an option on two of our designs: The De Havilland, a burnished mahogany Italian leather brogue and The Vickers which is a dark brown brogue, both fully leather lined in softest calf – see pictures below (which lead to the products if clicked).

Vickers 3


Eves & Gray shoes ensure comfort with exquisitely crafted rubber soles with particular effort paid to the selection and combination of materials and their construction. We are your most trusted brand when it comes to shopping classy and comfortable shoes with sturdy rubber soles.



Banish Humdrum – Style Out The Winter With Eves & Gray Boots

When curating a dynamic winter wardrobe, men are more likely to focus on comfort and functionality over style. They want insulation and comfort, and compromise their style to stay warm and snug.
Not anymore! Armed with the style savvy and charming handcrafted boots from Eves & Gray, you can now have a winter wardrobe that is both functional and fashionable.
Allow us to walk you through some of our finest offerings, and how you can inject your winter wardrobe with a charismatic dose of luxury and charm.

Smooth Style Transitions

The executive man doesn’t just need formal shoes. He needs a versatile pair that allows them to make smooth style transitions from work to play. They need a classy pair that allows them to work their way through board meetings, and then, arrive a bar or restaurant to grab dinner or drinks with their friends.
You are a man that stands out from the crowd. What in the world is better for you than the Maxamillion? Picture yourself in a gorgeous pair of handcrafted boots, all fine leather and suede, accented by eclectic purple cleated soles. These boots will be as stylish as you, work or play, with no compromises.

Maxamillion Dark Tan 4

Comfortable Charm

Formal and semi-formal statements require a charming dose of fashion forwardness that allows comfort and luxury. We all need a pair that works well with our casual denim and leather jacket looks, and our suited attire.
A one of its kind creation, the Lerwick will certainly work wonders at elevating your everyday looks with charming notes of opulence. It stands out with its remarkable beauty and the creative fusion of fine Italian leather and tweed panels. The tweed gives the pair an iconic beauty that will work wonders at enhancing the debonair of your formal and semi-formal looks.

Lerwick 3

Winter Attire

Winter requires pragmatic purchases. When the chilly winds start to blow, luxury alone isn’t enough to keep your feet warm and cosy. You need the perfect boot to add charm and comfort to your attire, and The Bison are the pair to gain a nod from the bouncer rather than an inspection.
A sleek and elegant design, the Bison is the ultimate smart boot that you can pair up with a plethora of autumn and winter statements. It boasts a beautifully handcrafted design with fine Italian leather, and a striking combination of cleat and leather fastenings. The padded ankle collars and purple calfskin lining makes it an excellent offering for street trotting. This rugged design was crafted for those who seek both comfort and style.

Bison 3

Smart & Casual

Nightlife and party wear statements are all about glamour, and you need to pair of finely crafted boots that break the monotony of formal apparel. The Berkeley commands attention with its burnished tan colour palette and striking grey fabric panels that create a charming contrast. It is an excellent investment to elevate your charm and rock your suede jackets and outwear apparel with a striking style savviness.

Berkeley 3

Gentlemen, It’s Time to Re-embrace the Brogue


When it comes to amplifying the debonair of a gentleman’s attire, few accessories and pieces can rival the charm of the classic footwear design: the Brogue.

Many gentlemen discard the Brogue in a bid to elevate their wardrobe with modern choices of footwear, but there is a strong movement towards the revival of classic trends with a sophisticated, contemporary flair.
The Brogue is a must-have footwear trend that allows men to enjoy the absolute best of charm, style and comfort.

Versatility & Functionality

Originating in the Highlands of Ireland and Scotland, the Brogue offers a classic charm that is unrivalled and unmatched, despite decades of fashion advancements and trends. The first pairs of the Brogue were created with untanned hide and tiny perforations, making the pair much more functional for those who had to walk through wet terrains.

Since then, the design has evolved remarkably, and today, gentlemen can invest in the Brogue in a wide variety of designs, materials and styles. It continues to delight men with its endless functionality and its ability to be incorporated into any given attire or occasion.

Today, Brogues are identified by their exclusive flair for classic charm, with their patterned detailing exuding a beautifully embellished appeal.

Comfort & Charm

Subtly extrovert, Eves & Gray have designed the perfect blend between comfort and charm, and it’s time for style savvy gentlemen to revert to the timeless sophistication of the Brogue. Whether you are dressing for a regular day at work, a semi-formal event, a smart casual occasion or even a hot date, these shoes are seamlessly perfect for any given attire. Their greatest advantage is their ability to be paired up with anything and everything without looking out of place.

In fact, the Brogue adds a unique charm to all outfits, gracing your look with an impressively fashionable flair for boldness. Eves & Gray offer classic Brogues as well as pairs for the more adventurous Fashionados. Even better, the Brogue isn’t a trailer queen; it is incredibly comfortable and ideal for those who commute or walk a great deal through the day.

Still not convinced the Brogue is for you? Contact us and we will be happy to advise.

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