A Modest Ode to The Shoe Horn: a Functional Accessory To Protect Your Shoes

Cobra Headed Metal Shoehorn 3
Taking good care of your leather shoes doesn’t stop at polishing or cleaning them. If you want to preserve the shape of your footwear, there are some extra measures you might want to consider taking.

Shoe horns (or shoespooners) are the tool every gentleman should use to take good care of their shoes; they prevent the collar of the shoe from getting frayed or eroded, maintaining the shape and appearance intact.

Leather products change their shape with pressure and, indubitably, forcing your foot in a laced-up shoe will apply a great amount of force, which will eventually damage the product. This is when the shoe horn comes in; its simplicity hides several functionalities that will help you prevent this from happening while also saving you some precious time.

Cobra Headed Metal Shoehorn 1

At Eves & Gray, we take pride in crafting high-quality leather footwear and we are just as committed to making sure that your shoes are well-looked after. Our range of accessories that offer functionalities and comfort has just expanded as we have added a new, luxurious product to the line: the Luxury King Cobra Metal Shoehorn.

While, traditionally-made shoe horns come from real animal horns, hooves or glass, we have opted for a more deluxe, durable material for the Luxury King Cobra: a chromium plate on brass.

Cobra Headed Metal Shoehorn 4

Specially commissioned for Eves & Gray, we have taken a simple yet useful accessory and added a touch of uniqueness to it. Perfect for gentlemen with a taste for majestic accessories, this shoe horn is presented in a snakeskin-printed box with a drawstring bag.

Leather shoes, like brogues and boots, are renowned for their sophisticated, modern flair and this is mainly due to the great quality of leather used in the crafting process as well as the extreme care that goes into their creation. Neglecting to use a shoe horn will eventually mould leather shoes – in particular brogues and boots – in the wrong way, slowly eroding the structure of the heel.

Besides their use to keep leather shoes looking fresh, shoe horns also have a time-saving value behind them. A wise man will know how valuable their time is and he will certainly appreciate that using a shoehorn regularly will remove the hassle of having to loosen the laces all the way up when putting their shoes on.

They might not typically be the most exciting accessories on the market, but shoe horns offer functionality and comfort that is not to be underestimated. The new Luxury King Cobra Metal Shoehorn combines style with utility: the functionalities of the accessory are preserved and the luxury of our brand is incorporated in its design in a sumptuous, unique way.

If you want to take good care of your favourite pair of brogues, next time you slip them on try to use and shoe horn and you will notice that no crease will appear in the leather, nor the collar of the shoe will be pushed down when slipping your foot in.

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