Comfort Dilemmas: Rubber Soles vs. Leather Soles

When it comes to buying comfortable shoes that are functional and versatile, one has to make some tough choices. The toughest is choosing between leather soles and rubber soles. Rubber soles ensure sturdiness and durability. While leather soles are believed to be comfortable, it largely depends on the construction of the shoe, and the kind of leather it is made with.

Eves & Gray are commonly asked why we use mainly rubber soles over leather, and some comment that they only consider leather soled shoes as ‘high end’. Let us address this for you.

At Eves & Gray, we offer gentlemen a wide variety of soles, including leather Goodyear welted soles, toughened rubberised soles and soles with cushiony interiors. A rubberised sole is much more functional in the harsh and wet UK climate. It offers a non-slip grip, an extremely vital feature for ensuring comfort as you walk through the streets.

Generally, a combination of both leather and rubber offers the ultimate comfort and no-slip grip. In this article, we will explore the pros and cons of leather and rubber soles.


The Comfort Factor

Leather is often regarded as a hardened material, inappropriate for the cushiony and comfortable support required by soles. However, leather soles boost a superior ability to mold and shape up the natural contours of the feet. When combined with cork, leather soles tend to be more comfortable and softer for the feet.

However, when shopping for leather shoes, people often disregard the entire material and construction of the shoe. While leather shoes are attractive, one can argue the soles require a more comfortable and sturdy material, like rubber.

Leather soles can often be overly thin, rigid and devoid of appropriate shoe constructions. Blake stitched leather soles often don’t offer the longevity of other constructions and can be an uncomfortable experience, especially when crafted without cork. However, Goodyear welted double leather soles provide a lasting comfort and an appropriate arch support that provides a delightful cushioning to the feet.

Hand-welted rubberised soles, when meticulously crafted, allow superior shock absorption, greater flexibility and grip. Feet glide on the pavement or road, which is why it is highly recommended for those who walk a lot through the day. Contemplate situations like a wedding where considerable time is spent greeting, standing for photos and perhaps a dance if all goes to plan – you need a decent amount of comfort for this, too.

Rubberised soles often get a bad name for no reason. They offer superior durability and a long lasting utility, while leather soles tend to deteriorate much quicker, particularly in an often wet (and undeniably variable) climate, such as the UK’s. People often chose leather over rubber for the comfort factor, but this can be a tough choice as either can be uncomfortable, based on the construction of the pair.

This is why we have opted for rubber soles for the majority of our shoes and boots, while also offering Goodyear Welted leather soles as an option on two of our designs: The De Havilland, a burnished mahogany Italian leather brogue and The Vickers which is a dark brown brogue, both fully leather lined in softest calf – see pictures below (which lead to the products if clicked).

Vickers 3


Eves & Gray shoes ensure comfort with exquisitely crafted rubber soles with particular effort paid to the selection and combination of materials and their construction. We are your most trusted brand when it comes to shopping classy and comfortable shoes with sturdy rubber soles.



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