Autumn-Winter Fashion Radar: What’s Trending Hot this Season?

Putting together a wardrobe for autumn and winter is an utterly delightful endeavour, because there are so many fabrics and textures to play with. You can play up your streetwear charm with finely carved leather boots and dapper brogue shoes. Outwear staples offer undeniable charisma with their masculine energy and dark colour palettes.

When you are shopping for the chilly season, one has to pay strong attention to functionality, comfort and versatility. After all, each item you add to your wardrobe must be functional enough to create dozens of outfits with staples you already own. And then, there is the most crucial consideration of your own personal sense of style.

We’ve put together a delightful roundup of the season’s hottest fashion trends to inspire your style statements for the chilly season.

Take a look at our picks:

Leather Affair
Leather is classically, timelessly fashionable and the more leather adorned the merrier. A gentleman’s wardrobe must always be decked with tasteful and dapper leather stapes, ranging from black leather trench coats and exquisitely-crafted brogue shoes, to wide-leg trousers and sharply-tailored blazers.

This season, we spotted an exciting streetwear fashion trend in leather: modern-cut bomber jackets with pull cord hoods. These bomber jackets are made with soft leather fabric, and the classic appeal of bomber jackets is intensified with a modern outlook to make it more functional for the chilly season.

All-black leather outfits with slim-cut leather trousers have emerged as the hottest trend to rock this season. Biker jackets have made a bold comeback in fashion capitals across the globe, and you can also explore softer colour palettes, such as grey, brown, camel and tan.

Head-to-toe Black
All-black outfits are super-functional and versatile, as they allow you to make smooth style transitions from work to play without making stopovers for an outfit change. This season, be sure to dig black jackets and blazers from the back of the wardrobe.

Black bomber jackets have emerged as the perfect winter staple to stay cozy and warm, and exude a refined appeal with an eclectic 70s inspired touch. You can elevate your black formal wear with exquisitely-crafted and textured black brogue shoes. This season, designers seem obsessed with the bold energy of military-style lace-up suede leather boots; these are an excellent investment to elevate your contemporary streetwear and nightlife wardrobes.

Denim Reinvented
Denim has undergone a striking transformation for AW20, and we are extremely excited to rock these acid-washed and bleached-out statements. While some designers have advocated an eclectic and party-ready theme with patchwork denim coats and bleached-out jackets, others have introduced sharply-tailored denim pieces and versatile cargo pants.

This season, men can explore a delightful variety of styles and outfits in all-denim looks and outwear staples. We are absolutely transfixed on the patchwork styles, tailored denim overalls, and highly coveted hand-painted denim layers.

What’s more, laser-printed denim tuxedos have arrived with a bold aplomb to help you elevate your workwear wardrobe without the awful monotony of suits and blazers. Designers in Milan have revived vintage denim styles, such as denim bell bottoms, bleached denim jackets and the classic bootcut jeans.

Functional Athleisure
Athleisure is the biggest trend on the autumn winter fashion radar for the year, with no signs of diminishing in popularity anytime soon. This season, designers are preaching men to brim up their wardrobes with super-functional outwear staples, such as heavily insulated bomber jackets and charmingly tailored windbreaker jackets.

If you’re an outdoor junkie and passionate about exploring the wilderness in the dead of winter, the trend for Athleisure has much to offer your wardrobe. This season, the outwear theme is focused on enhanced protection and comfort. You can explore all-black colour palettes and muted tones, such as grey, or you can go all-out in bold prints and patterns, such as check, gingham and leopard.

Rain ponchos and cotton capes are also trending hard, and we were overjoyed to spot oversized denim parkas, which is a truly unusual and unique new style. Hooded bomber jackets are a definite must-have for the season, and you should explore versatile colour palettes, preferably black.

Insulated jackets and windbreakers with multiple pockets are a must-have outwear staple for the chilly season, and designers have introduced a variety of technical fabrics to offer enhanced comfort and cosiness.

While we all keep a close eye on the fashion radar to see what’s trending and what’s not, it is essential to pay close attention to your own personal sense of style. A gentleman defines his own style statements based on his comfort, his personal style and the appeal he wishes to create every time he heads out on the streets.

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